Nancy Walker (with Franklin Balls) Lesson

Sat 15 Sept

Sat 13 Oct

Sat 24 nov

Sat 8th Dec

Jodphurs EC, Tockwith

45 mins per lesson.  9 -12.  £30
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Nancy is a highly qualified and experienced trainer.  Not having travalled a traditional route, Nancy has developed her knowledge by working all over the world with many types of horses and disciplines.  Nancy loves dressage and has travalled to all four schools of equestrian art and ridden with riders from all too.  Combining this learning with the science of biomechanics, structure and movement in horses and humans has allowed Nancy to be able to understand what needs to happen in horse and human bodies to perform harmoniously and correctly.

  •          Now this sounds all very posh and proper, but Nancy is from Yorkshire and she does have a way of putting things.  Friendly, informative and to the point, Nancy is very good at explaining what will benefit you and your horse, without making it too complicated to follow – although that doesn’t mean your brain won’t ache a little! (or your body, sorry! Nw)
  •          Anybody is welcome to train with Nancy, all she asks is that you are ready and open to learning.
  •          There’s no need to think that you aren’t advanced enough, Nancy is happy to work with all levels and is very good at explaining what all the terms and sayings mean – forward, impulsion, between hand and leg etc. – it’s not like they explain themselves very well.

Franklin Balls help you to have more movement awareness and suppleness.  Used in conjunction when riding, they aid balance, feel and improve your posture, thus allowing you and your horse to move in a more correct way.

  •          Franklin Balls stimulate your bodies’ own auto-balance correction system, meaning you balance without consciously controlling it – leaving you free to deal with rhythm, tempo, suppleness, energy and swing.
  •          They also help to break down established patterns in a rider’s body – have you been told you are crooked but don’t know how to or can’t fix it?  Franklin Balls help riders of all levels and years of experience to enhance their awareness and improve their own and their horse’s way of going.
  •          Clinics and lessons are held by International Classical Dressage Trainer, Nancy Walker BSc (Hons), ABRS ATD, VTCT/ITEC.