Eleanor Mercer XC lessons

22nd April 2018 



Eleanor Mercer Equestrian.

Camp Hill, 




 £30 per person in groups of 3 or 4 with each session lasting 1.5 to 1.75 hours.

 These clinics will suit all levels from nervous riders and young horses to competitors aiming to compete at BE this year.  They will be fun and give great experience for the season ahead.  Jumps range from 55cm-95cm.

 Please contact Jenny Bennett on  07976 667 952 and please state the height you are comfortable to jump,  in order to arrange the appropriate groups.

Eleanor Mercer BHSII(Reg)
Eleanor has ridden all her life and has come through the Pony Club system culminating in passing her A test in 1997. She is a regular competitor at BE events at all levels and loves bringing on young horses to acheive their full potential.
She enjoys teaching riders of all ages and abilities. Friendly and approachable, she aims to instill confidence in nervous pupils while inspiring the experienced competitor. Although she is often seen to specialize in safe cross country riding because of the excellent xc facilities at Camp Hill, she is happy to solve any problems you may have in all three disciplines.
Her philosophy is that if you want competitive success, training needs to be progressive and built on firm foundations, and that when teaching you always aim to find and correct the cause not the symptom.She has a huge range of jumps from 50cm up to 95cm.